From Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Yellow Door Music Studios

“Yellow Door is a hub for the Dublin music community. It’s the preferred choice of professionals.”

Fontaines DC

“Yellow door is a great 24hr space, that’s really well run and has a strong sense of community.”

Girl Band

“We’ve been in our fair share of rehearsal spaces but never have we been somewhere as welcoming, lovingly maintained and community-focused as Yellow Door Studios. It is a pleasure to work there.”


“I love that you’re constantly bumping into and catching up with other artists and the sense of connection down there!”


“Yellow Door is the only place in Dublin that allows for a safe and sound space to create music and be around other creatives. It’s where our best music has come from, and to us will always be THE hub of the Irish music scene.”

Somebody's Child

“Yellow Door is a sanctuary for me. Music and friendships have flourished since I moved in here. I love being around the artists here as everyone’s so dedicated and doing interesting work to such a high level”


“The only thing that’s better than Yellow Door’s accessibility, cleanliness, location, security and sense of community, is it’s banana bread.”


“Thank you so much for giving me a space to work and creating a well balanced environment for creators to link and share ideas/make music and money together.”

Lang Father

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